“By introducing a human gene into the intact molecular network of a model organism the Genetic Networks approach allows the interrogation of hundreds of conserved interactions, vastly increasing the likelihood of useful hits.”

– Lee Hartwell





We provide whole-genome actionable data to help our Clients select optimal candidate compounds for pre-clinical and clinical testing. Insights from our technologies improve our Clients’ decision making and reduce risks in their current drug pipelines. Moreover, our GeneScape™ technology is identifying new drug discovery pipelines that the pharmaceutical industry is evaluating now for implementation.

Our GeneScape identifies novel gene targets in specific disease spaces through whole-genome genetic perturbation and analysis. We then measure how client compounds perturb the disease-specific GeneScape using a whole-genome experimental approach (H-Tech), which reveals biological mechanisms of action, potential liabilities, and even subtle differences between closely related compounds. We further refine compound and target analyses by stratifying the impact of human genetic variation on drug-response using additional high throughput experimental techniques.

Do the right thing… Right!

Genetic Networks, along with its consortium partners including Takeda, MRI and the Gates Foundation is committed to developing therapies against COVID-19. In early March, Genetic Network’s deployed its proprietary H-Tech discovery platform and has now identified clinically actionable leads. If you are interested in having Genetic Networks consider your candidate drug for screening please contact info@geneticnetwork.com






Dr. Gennaro D’Urso, PhD

Inventor of the YANA genetic profiling technique, Dr. Gennaro D’Urso is a leading expert in yeast genetics and molecular biology having trained at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London.  As a professor of pharmacology at the University of Miami, Gennaro leads a successful lab and core facility and provides consulting services for biotech companies.  He is a leader on the application of biological networks to predictive medicine and the discovery of new disease treatments.

Dr. Corey Nislow, PhD

Corey is a cell biologist and geneticist who has worked in the fields of drug discovery and biotechnology. He is the Founder and Director of the Sequencing Center at the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. His research program has developed and deployed an array of chemical genomic tools for systems biology. Activities include developing protocols for performing genome wide screens on the International Space Station and an innovative project to bring pharmacogenomics to community pharmacies.

Dr. David Wiley, PhD

David Wiley is co-inventor of yeast augmented network analysis (YANA). He brings to Genetic Networks over twenty years of experience in the application of yeast genetics to the study of genetic and infectious diseases, along with his experience in business development, finance and project management.

James Heywood

An MIT-trained mechanical engineer, Jamie entered the field of translational medicine when his 29-year-old brother was diagnosed with ALS. Jamie is the Chairman & Co-Founder of PatientsLikeMe where he serves as chief scientist and architect. Described by CNNMoney as one of the 15 companies that will change the world, PatientsLikeMe’s mission is to ensure patient outcomes directly drive medical care and the discovery process. Jamie founded the of ALS Therapy Development Institute, the world’s first non-profit biotechnology company. He is the Chairman & Co-Founder of AOBiome and a Co-Founder of LoveSteve and is involved broadly as an innovation leader in transforming discover, development and the delivery of healthcare.




Dr. Lee Hartwell, PhD

Dr. Lee Hartwell PhD is the Virginia G. Piper Chair in Personalized Medicine at the Center for Sustainable Health, Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University. Dr. Hartwell oversees a project to develop biomarkers for the clinical management of many diseases at the Chan Gung Memorial Hospital and University of Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Hartwell was awarded the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine for discoveries of key regulators of the cell cycle. He is also a recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Award in cancer research.

Dr. Tom Caskey, MD

Tom currently serves as Professor of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine. Tom previously served as Senior Vice President, Human Genetics and Vaccines Discovery at Merck Research Laboratories, West Point and as President of the Merck Genome Research Institute. His genetic research has identified the genetic basis of ten major inheritable diseases and opened up the understanding of triplet repeat diseases. His personal identification patent is the basis of worldwide application for forensic science and he is also a consultant to the FBI in forensic science.

Dave Holt

Dave is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned corporate executive. He has served as a C-level executive in both established and start-up companies for much of the past 30 years. He was the founding member of two pioneering technology companies, and brings strong business, management, and technical experience to the Genetic Networks team. Mr. Holt currently serves as COO, TruckerPath Inc, and previously as Executive Producer Walt Disney Company.




Dr. Kriston McGary
Director of Computational Biology
Dr. Raymond Terryn
Database Architect
Alyssa Cochran
Bioinformatics Technician
Dr. Daniel Cooper
Bioinformatics Scientist
Zachary Brown
Senior Software Engineer


Board of Directors


Robert Henderson

Studied Economics and Marketing at several Canadian Universities, then Finance and Accounting at Ernst & Young. Subsequently built a conglomerate of hospitality and support service companies with 10,000+ employees servicing 1000+ large-scale clients in Healthcare, Education, Construction and the Natural Resource Industry. Operations extended across Canada including the far north. Robert has mentored more than a dozen startup companies through various stages of growth.

Dr. Jennifer Letitia, MD

Dr. Jennifer Letitia has a background as a hand surgeon and plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and as a business executive that directed all facets of a publishing company from launch to success as a multimillion-dollar business. Continuing to explore new avenues, she is in the process of obtaining a certificate in functional and integrative medicine. Dr. Jennifer Letitia also brings her scientific and business acumen and concern for the environment to her position as a member of the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Council.

Donald Jones

Donald Jones is a globally recognized leader in digital medicine. He is an independent director on the boards of venture capital and private equity backed companies with investors including Searchlight Capital, L’Catterton Partners, Flex, Samsung, Omron, GE and Takeda. His Fortune 1000 Advisory Boards have included Flex, TEVA, JSR, Sanofi, Otsuka, Takeda and MAS Holdings. He is a Senior Advisor at the GLG Institute and McKinsey & Company. Jones serves as Chief Digital Officer (Emeritus) of the Scripps Research Translational Institute (SRTI), collaborating with the renowned Eric Topol, MD. He co-founded Scripps Digital Medicine, the world’s first digital health clinical trial center and the non-profit West Health Institute.

For 11 years, Don led Qualcomm’s Wireless Health Global Strategy and Business Development and founded its healthcare subsidiary. In 2005 he founded Wireless Life Sciences Alliance. Don was COO of MedTrans, which grew into the largest emergency services provider in the US (now named American Medical Response). He was Founder and Chairman of EMME, the largest consumer membership healthcare provider (and largest private practice) in Mexico. He helped build the largest medical group in the US, under the EmCare brand (now Envision). In 2014, Don conceived the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE. The XPRIZE was awarded in Hollywood, in April 2017.






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